Radiologic Technical Standards

Students must be able to do the following:

  • Efficiently reach, manipulate, and operate equipment necessary for all radiographic procedures.
  • Move, manipulate, and observe a patient or client as necessary for all radiographic procedures.
  • Visually assess patients or clients, medical test results, and the working environment to correctly decide the appropriate action to take for the benefit of the patient or client.
  • Clearly communicate, verbally and in writing, with the patient or client, families, personnel, and others to disseminate information about patient care and work duties.
  • Hear well to accurately gather information relevant to patient and clinical activities.
  • Make appropriate judgment decisions in an emergency or in situations not clearly governed by specific guidelines.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability and psychological health in day-to-day interaction with patients or clients, staff, family members, and others, in routine and non-routine decision making processes and in the daily execution of didactic and clinical assignments.


Contact the Radiologic Technology Office

Phone: 904-308-8552


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Radiologic Technology Application Form

Radiologic Technology Reference Form

Policy Manual 2015-2017

Send All Inquiries and Completed Application to:

St. Vincent's Medical Center Riverside 
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