Medical Technology Expenses

St. Vincent's does not charge tuition, fees, or expenses for the Medical Technology program. Students are responsible for their own textbooks and insurance. Financial aid in the form of loans and scholarships is available.

The student is responsible for acquiring their own housing accommodations.  On campus housing may be available for students not from the North Florida region.  A $30 deposit, paid to property management, is required before a student living in on campus housing will be issued a key. For more information call 904-308-3817.


Reimbursement Policy

Students will be responsible for their own State of Florida Trainee License, health insurance, liability insurance, certification examination fee, and other personal expenses. These expenses are not made payable to St. Vincent's Medical Center nor are they reimbursable by St. Vincent's Medical Center. For students living in on campus housing, the $30 key deposit is refundable upon returning the key to property management.

Download more information on the Medical Technology program here