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Mission Makers at St. Vincent's HealthCare

Meet some of the employees, or Mission Makers, that contribute to St. Vincent's mission on a daily basis through their positions at our healthcare facilities.

Stephanie Bywater, Occupational Therapist

Occupational TherapyMost memorable experience since working for SVHC:
As much as I love being an occupational therapist, it has its challenges. However, I have come to learn it is those challenges that leave the most lasting impressions, like a patient I had recently. Very ill, discouraged, and tired of trying without seeing results, he was ready to give up. Yet, through sharing, education and bonding with the patient he was able to push through the limits of his body. The smile on his face, as he left out of the hospital, will stay with me always.
Favorite Part of your job:
My favorite part of being an occupational therapist is the knowledge that I am helping a person regain their prior level of function. To me, those that I help each day are not just patients. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, son and daughters. They are family. When they realize how much they have accomplished through the sweat, struggles, and hard work -- that's rewarding to me.  
Why I chose to work here:
First impressions are very important, and the one SVHC made was hard to ignore. On that first walk through the hospital during my interview, I notice how well the staff was interacting with each other, demonstrating to me their good working relationships. The hospital's mission and core values were very important for me. I didn't want to work at just another building, but I wanted to find a home in a place where hope lived and patient care came first. I found that at SVHC. Many hospitals have chapels and Bibles for patients that request them, yet the staff are allowed and encouraged to share God's love and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tiffney Johnson - Lead Technician

Contributing to our mission for nine years

Most memorable experience since joining SVHC: I was working in the 3500 ICU when a young lady, who had just delivered a baby was one of the patients there. After she had the baby, she couldn't move, talk or respond. We got to know her family as they came to see her. Her husband would come in every day and play Michael Bolton's song, "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You." It really touched my heart to see the love given to this patient.

Favorite part of your job: Helping new associates. Some people may feel uncomfortable when coming to a new job. I love to show new associates how to get around in the hospital, introduce them to staff members, and to make them feel at home.

Why you chose to work at SVHC: This job is like coming to a family reunion. You feel like your co-workers are family. I get to see my work family every day and once in a while, I run into people who I haven't seen in a long time. It makes working here worthwhile knowing that we're all alike in working for the same mission of helping others.

Marti Phelps - RN / Infection Control

Contributing to our mission since 1992 Marti Phelps - Mission Maker

Most memorable experience since joining SVHC: "When I started working here I was right out of nursing school. I was fairly young and I hadn't been on the unit very long. I was taking care of a patient who was terminal. I can recall this patient's son, who was probably twice my age, simply started confiding in me. I think it took me by surprise because I was younger and I was struck by the fact that there was so much trust given, simply because I was the nurse. That more than anything has stuck with me through my career.

Favorite part of your job: "I'd say the thing I like best here is the people I work with. It's a good atmosphere. And I like the fact that we are mission based. It feels like we are doing something positive for our patients in our community."

Why you chose to work at SVHC: "I had done some clinical rotations here in nursing school and I liked it. The people here were very friendly and it seemed like a good atmosphere to work. Above that, St. Vincent's had a very good reputation and I knew that my family was comfortable coming here for their healthcare so it seemed like a good choice. I'm proud to be here. There are hospitals closer to my home, but I prefer to work here. I think we do good work here."

Keith Schissler - Pharm. D., BCPC; Team Leader

Contributing to our mission since April 2008

Most memorable experience since joining SVHC: My most memorable experience here at St. Vincent's was the birth of my fourth child in June. It was wonderful to have familiar faces taking care of my wife and new baby girl. Even though I was still a new associate, they made me feel like family.

Favorite part of your job: Interacting with physicians, nurses, and staff to optimize patients' outcomes. I enjoy using my clinical skills to enhance the delivery of pharmaceutical care to our patients. I also really love educating and speaking to patients about their medications.

Why you chose to work at SVHC: I chose to work here at St. Vincent's because of our Christ-based mission. I've always desired to integrate my spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ with my work. I know that, here at St. Vincent's, I am able to do that on a daily basis.