Physician Specialty and Leadership

Physicians in Surgery

The St. Vincent's HealthCare (SVHC) physician community is comprised of just about every medical specialty and many sub-specialties. They are joined in their diligent work by highly trained and committed nurses and allied medical professionals, each with a passion for patient care.

SVHC Centers of Excellence includes:

Physicians Participate in SVHC's Leadership

Physician participation, leadership, and input are embraced by the SVHC administration. The Medical Staff Executive Committee and our Chief Medical Officer are integral in maintaining the highest standard of excellence in patient care throughout the system. Numerous committees, comprised of physicians and allied medical professionals, focus on quality improvement as a continuous goal.

Who would be better to help formulate procedures and policies than the physician specialists who are experts in medical treatment? Balanced with the business managers, legal experts, spiritual leaders, employee representatives, and patient advocates, the physician leaders have an important role in envisioning the future of SVHC and the community we serve.

SVHC is truly a place where each and every person, especially members of the medical staff, are seen as key to the success, important to the mission, and a critical component of the whole when the health and well-being of our patients are at stake.

Message from Our Chief Medical Officer

Download a copy of SVHC Physician Recruitment Brochure (.pdf)