St. Vincent's HealthCare Learning Institute

Courses identified in an online catalog are available to all associates at St. Vincent's HealthCare. The catalog contains instructor led training, internally generated web-based training, and purchased web-based training. 

Some Nursing CEU offerings include: 

  • Abuse: Recognizing and Reporting
  • Airway Management
  • Cardiac Monitoring in Nursing
  • Dietary/Nutrition
  • Diseases of Critical Concern   
  • Legal Aspects of Nursing
  • Nursing Communication

Additional Course Offerings

  • Heart Saver Certification
  • ACLS
  • BCLS
  • PALS
  • Dysthrymia

St. Vincent's HealthCare Medical Libraries

The medical libraries at St. Vincent's Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital serve the information needs of its associates, medical staff, nurses, allied health professionals, affiliated students, and patients and their families. A medical librarian is on site to assist nurses with literature sources. Nurses are given access within the hospitals, including other locations to online clinical and nursing resource applications to provide up-to-date information so nurses can stay current within the nursing practice. Examples of some of the resources are OvidSP, Ebsco, PubMed, Medline, Cinahl, Nursing Reference Center, EBSCO, DynaMed, and related Health Videos. Lexicomp and Micromedex access allows nurses to access information on medications, drug compatibilities, and patient education.

An Ancillary Care Provider with CNA Certification In-service Training is available online through St. Vincent's HealthCare Medical Library.