Resources for St. Catherine Labouré Manor Associates 

Additional educational resources tailored to caring for residents at the 240-bed long term care facility are offered to associates at St. Catherine Labouré Manor.

CNA Orientation Items

  • Skills Checklist, Booklet, and Instructions                               
  • Care Tracker Documentation       
  • Skin Care/Documentation on Admission                     
  • Full/Partial Body Lift        
  • Dining Process         
  • Specialty Beds        
  • Oxygen Administration and Safety      
  • Dysphagia Special Fluids & Feeding Techniques    
  • Bar Coding          
  • Post-Op Hip and Knee Transferring               
  • Continence Assessment Tool                                                                       
  • Fire Safety/Emergency Preparedness Booklet/Disaster Plan   
  • CE Broker Sign-In Demonstration      
  • Blood Pressure___________Pulse_________Resp________

Nurse Orientation Items

  • Medication test before administering medications on unit
  • Skills Checklist, Booklet, and Instruction                                                  
  • Glucometer Entry Form & 6 Month      
  • Medication Pass         
  • Medication Storage Policy       
  • Risk Management Reporting ERS                         
  • Psychotropic Monitoring & Flow Sheet     
  • Enteral Tube Medication Administration     
  • Pharmacy Ordering & Medication Delivery     
  • Documentation                    
  • Skin Wound & Treatment Book      
  • How to notify wound care nurse  
  • Admission Database                                         
  • Medicare Daily Documentation 
  • Wound dressing change and proper documentation                    
  • Policy and Procedure Book        
  • CHC Lab Procedure        
  • EKG Procedure

St. Catherine Labouré Manor also provides a mentor through the Care Partner Program, where new graduate Certified Nursing Assistants are provided additional training by partnering with an experienced Certified Nursing Assistant. The Mentee will also have the ability to utilize their Mentor as a resource after the initial training period.

Other Opportunities