Nursing Preceptorship & Mentorship Education & Development

St. Vincent's HealthCare offers structured programs designed to educate and prepare experienced nurses who have a desire to train and mentor novice nurses. Touch the future and become a Preceptor and Mentor!

After completion of the initial education and competencies with a Clinical Resource Coordinator, the Nurse orientee will be assigned to a preceptor. The preceptor will ensure a sound nursing foundation that is safe and effective to the Nurse Orientee. 

All nurses are encouraged to become a Preceptor. 


The "Caring for Each Other" program empowers new nurses with increased knowledge and skills, and the motivation to utilize these tools to enhance both personal and professional development. 


  • To establish relationships that encourage as well as support new nurses
  • To provide an exchange of information concerning issues that impact the new nurse
  • To provide an avenue in which the new nurse may receive guidance for personal and professional development
  • To promote caring and sharing relationships between colleagues

Expected Outcomes

  • The new nurse will have the confidence needed for adjustment to the new professional role
  • The relationship built between the mentee and mentor will guide and support the new nurse through the first year of independent practice
  • The new nurse is provided with resources that will enhance the transition into the new role of professional nurse