Nursing Clinical Practice Development Program

St. Vincent's Clinical Practice Development Program annually recognizes and compensates associate nurses who demonstrate superior clinical skills.

The program, similar to an accreditation process, requires that experienced nurses involved in direct patient care apply and demonstrate their superior clinical skills to reach the level of Clinical Nurse III, Proficient Level, or Clinical Nurse IV, Expert Level, each year to receive special recognition and bonuses.

Criteria and Preparation 

The criteria for recognition involves submitting a resume and clinical narrative example to a review board selected by St. Vincent's patient care coordinators, nursing educators, and leaders. The Expert Level also requires that the candidate goes through a face-to-face interview with the review board. Nurses who achieve the status must reapply each year to receive the award.

To help nurses prepare for the program, classes in resume writing and clinical narrative examples are given periodically by St. Vincent's Education Department, and Nursing Management provides coaching and mentoring.

The Clinical Practice Development Program is one of the ways St. Vincent's seeks to recognize, recruit, and retain those nursing associates who are committed to excellence in their careers, thereby offering expert patient care to our community.