St. Vincent’s Clay County Cup

High School Football Challenge


  • The St. Vincent’s Clay County Cup will be awarded to the high school football team with the most wins for the season.*
  • Each week on game day every high school’s flag will fly on St. Vincent’s Clay County Campus.
  • The flags of the teams that win will fly the rest of the week. 
  • The overall winner will be presented with the cup and it will remain on display at their school until the following season.
  • The winner’s flag will fly on St. Vincent’s Clay County campus for the entire month following the season.


The Cup will travel to each school for one home game during the season.

8/18, 9/16 – Clay High School

8/19, 9/23 – Oakleaf High School

8/26, 10/14 – Fleming Island High School

9/2, 10/21 – Ridgeview High School

9/9 – Keystone Heights High School

9/30, 11/4 – Orange Park High School

10/7, 10/28 – Middleburg High School

*The winner of the Cup is determined by total wins including playoffs 1. Tie Breaker #1 – Head to Head 2. Tie Breaker #2 – Total Point Differential