Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nursing serves as a bridge between St. Vincent's HealthCare, community resources, and local church congregations to promote health and well being in the community.

The program and congregation identify the services needed for their particular members. Services continue to evolve in response to identified concerns of the congregation members. St. Vincent's HealthCare provides education, consultation, and peer support to the volunteer nurses who tithe their time and talents within their own church. The spiritual dimension is central to the practice of faith community nursing. In all activities, the nurse seeks to promote an understanding of the connection between faith, lifestyles, attitudes, relationships and well being.

The nurse coordinates health screenings, educational programs and the development of support groups. The nurse also assists with the coordination of volunteers to help parishioners with their health needs. The nurse and volunteers visit members at home, in nursing homes or during a hospitalization and provides a prayerful presence and comfort in times of need.


Historically, the church has been involved in healing for people of all ages and needs. People naturally turn to a nurse for advice, emotional support, and assistance in everyday life. The parish staff is, for many, their initial contact with the healthcare system.

Mission And Philosophy

Faith Community Nursing is a covenant between St. Vincent's HealthCare (SVHC) and local churches in which each works to maintain and promote the health of the respective faith community. The Program was adopted by SVHC to extend our mission and fill an unmet need in the community. This ministry recognizes that faith is an important element in the stewardship of health and in the healing process and that God is present and powerful in every situation.



Want to Volunteer?

Faith Community Nurses are volunteer RNs with advanced training and compassion to help his or her congregation find healing through God and through medical resources available in the community.

Registered nurses interested in Faith Community Nursing should call:

St. Vincent's Center for Faith Community Nursing

Parish Nurse
St. Vincent's Medical Center


Is your church interested in a Faith Community Nursing? 

The agreement outlines the responsibilities and obligations of St. Vincent's HealthCare (SVHC) and your Parish in order to establish a Faith Community Nursing Program. Generally, SVHC will assist you and your volunteer Nurse in organizing and maintaining such a program. SVHC will do the following:

  • Assist with the introduction and/or installation of the Program to the congregation.
  • Assist in needs assessment of congregation and community.
  • Provide support and direction for the Faith Community Nurse.
  • Assist Faith Community Nurse in determining appropriate programs and activities to meet demonstrated needs.
  • Assist in presenting educational programs.
  • Provide regular supervision of the Volunteer Nurse Coordinator through the Vice President of Mission Integration.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities in the areas of Pastoral Ministry and Nursing.
  • Maintain clear and open lines of communication with the Parish through the Faith Community Nursing Program Coordinator.

    In order to successfully establish and maintain the program, the Parish must do the following:
  • Accept as a full member the Faith Community Nurse to the Parish Ministry staff.
  • Establish a "health committee" or "health cabinet" to assist the Faith Community Nurse and Pastor in coordinating and assessing activities.
  • Provide access to office space or office equipment. If possible, provide appropriate secretarial support for the Faith Community Nurse.