Published on December 08, 2012

Dr. Herrera Discusses Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery on First Coast News


Thanks to the new single-site advancement to the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, doctors can now complete the surgery in a shorter amount of time and with better accuracy and fewer complications.  While traditional robotic surgery requires three or four small incisions, the new version of the technology requires just a single incision into the belly button in order to remove the gallbladder.

During a minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci system, the robotic arms are attached to surgical equipment.  These arms are controlled by the surgeon who is seated at a console several feet away from the patient.  Using the console, the surgeon is able to visualize the patient and the procedure using a high-definition 3-D image.   As surgery begins, the robotic arms enter through a single-incision in the belly button, about one inch in diameter.

This method provides various patient benefits including minimal scarring, less bleeding, quicker recovery times and a shorter stay in the hospital. 

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