Published on November 02, 2012

Business Journal Honors HealthCare Heroes


Whitehead takes ‘holistic approach’ to caring

Althea Whitehead, St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Althea Whitehead has spent 30 years caring for women and babies at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, rising from unit nurse to nurse manager to her current role as director of women’s services at the hospital’s Southside campus.

“My heart is women’s health,” she said.

Caring for premature babies has always been especially dear to Whitehead, all the more so after her own daughter was born eight weeks early.


Logue launched, grew clinic for care in Haiti

Sandra Logue, St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

To generations of Haitians, Sandra Logue is Mom Sandy. She was instrumental in growing the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, which started with a one-room clinic in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti.

Logue was first introduced to the foundation more than 25 years ago when she worked in Boston.

“The group that had gone to Haiti, they came back and they had changed,” said Logue, a retired nurse. “They had a joy within them and I thought, ‘I want this.’ They had heard that 50 percent of the kids were dying before age 5 because they had not been immunized. I thought, ‘I can do that. I can give shots easily.’ ”

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