St. Vincent's Clay County

Mission in Clay County

Meet Jeff

Jeff Clay CountyJeff is known for inspiring his patients as he helps them get back on their feet. He often works with knee and hip replacement patients to help get them back on the golf course, dancing , running – simply back to their lives and out of pain. By treating patients like family, he inspires them to push harder and achieve what they thought was impossible. View Jeff's billboard, print ad and watch his commercial.


Meet Liz

Liz Clay CountyAfter seeing how a medication error affected her grandmother’s last days, Liz took the responsibilities of a pharmacist to heart. She knows it’s not enough to just fill the prescription. It’s just as important to make sure patients fully understand how to safely take their drugs. So when Liz dispenses medication, it also comes with a dose of professional advice and caring. View Liz's billboard, print ad and watch her commercial


Meet Dr. Braddock

Dr. Braddock Clay CountyOften, the best way to tell what’s ailing someone is to simply listen, to let the patient speak from the heart. That’s where Matthew Braddock, DO, starts his diagnoses. By listening first, he makes a connection with patients that eases their minds and helps to improve their treatment. For him, the spiritual side of medicine is just as important as the physical. And that belief is the lifeblood of St. Vincent’s. View Dr. Braddock's billboard and print ad


Meet Dr. Dajani

Dr. Dajani Clay County Omar
Dajani, MD, believes in the people of Clay County. He feels a moral obligation to their health and well-being. He’s been a cardiologist here since 1987. He practices medicine at St. Vincent’s because “we share the same philosophy to put patients first.” That creates moments when he might run into a patient on the street who thanks him and tells a friend proudly, “This is my doctor.” That, says Dr. Dajani, is extremely rewarding. For physicians like him it’s about saving people’s lives. You can be certain this cardiologist has his heart in the right place. View Dr. Dajani's billboard and print ad.


Meet Dr. Lincoln

Dr. Lincoln Clay CountySt. Vincent’s Clay County is proud to introduce a major advancement in orthopedics: Max Lincoln, MD. He is an expert in everything from hip and knee replacements to surgery for broken bones. He understands what it’s like to be a patient first-hand. As a child he was diagnosed with a bone tumor and needed an orthopedic surgeon. The experience inspired him to get into the field and help others. Bones and joints are this doctor’s passion because fixing them helps his patients have a better quality of life. View Dr. Lincoln's billboard and print ad.

Behind the Scenes Gallery 

It began with months of location scouting and interviewing associates hired for Clay County then in June the production team began filming on location. Somewhat unique for the commercial industry, real Clay County residents were cast alongside associates and doctors. We hope you’ll enjoy St. Vincent’s Clay County commercials, view some of the highlights below. 

View the Construction Update Gallery

  • Opening this October
  • Cooling off from the summer heat
  • Playing in the hose in front of the fire truck
  • Fast friends on the set and in real life!
  • Liz in Construction
  • Jeff getting makeup
  • Liz on Camera
  • Jeff photo shoot
  • Dr. Braddock Photo Shoot
  • Baseball Team
  • Liz being interviewed for a behind the scenes video
  • Action! Liz begins her video shoot
  • Liz with a photograph of her grandmother
  • Local kids help us create the birthday party scene
  • Graduation
  • Thank you to St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Green Cove Springs for one our picturesque locations
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church is an historic Carpenter Gothic church opened in 1879
  • On February 17, 1978, St. Mary's was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
  • On location in the barbershop in Green Cove
  • Hair Pros Salon in Green Cove Springs is featured in our commercials


Liz Clay County

Dr. Braddock Clay County

Dr. Dajani Clay County

Dr. Lincoln Clay County