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St. Vincent's Medical Center Southside got it's start in 1873 as St. Luke's Hospital. Three Jacksonville women sought to create a haven where people could be cared for and perhaps cured. Susan Hartridge, Myra H. Mitchell, and Anna Doggett rented a one-story farmhouse with two rooms and opened it to the community during the busy tourist season from October through April. In doing so, they founded St. Luke's Hospital, the first private hospital in Florida.

As the months passed, the need grew for a larger hospital. In 1876, a new building was completed. However, before equipment and furniture could be moved in, arsonists destroyed the hospital. Despite the great loss, founders and supporters of St. Luke's began again with a renewed sense of determination. Two years later, a new building was constructed on Palmetto Street in downtown Jacksonville. This facility served St. Luke's and Jacksonville for 28 years.

St. Luke's moved two more times over the years, in 1914 and 1984, expanding to meet the growing needs of the community. In October 1987, St. Luke's became a Mayo Clinic hospital, and in April 2008, St. Luke's Hospital became part of St. Vincent's HealthCare. Operated once again as a community hospital, St. Luke's is expanding healthcare options for more people in Jacksonville's fast-growing Southside area. In January 2012, St. Luke's Hospital became St. Vincent's Medical Center Southside.

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